Raks Thai Foundation’s Human Resources Management Concept

Raks Thai Foundation desires to involve staff who believes in the development of human’s capacity for self-development.  Raks Thai values its staff and considers them as valuable and indispensable resources, key to achieving successful results, which will ultimately lead Raks Thai to achieve its final goal and vision.

Three important human resource management principles of Raks Thai include:

Recruitment  and selection of  “quality and dedicated personnel” to work with the Foundation;

Human resource development to increased capability and potentials;

Retention of “quality and suitable personnel” with the Foundation 

Three important human resources management principles of Raks Thai

General Principles of Human Resources Management

Raks Thai’s human resources management policy is based on the principles of human development, participation, and equal opportunities.  This is for the purposes of the following:

      Fairness in paying compensation/remuneration that is suitable to the position and quantity of work.

      Transparency in managing human resources under a fair system and processes that can be checked.

      Equal opportunities and non-discrimination for all regardless of race, religion, sect, sex, health, and age, with an emphasis given to the importance of and appropriate ratios of male and female staff at all levels.

The composition of staff is diverse.  Although the opportunity of recruitment the staffs who are infected with HIV / AIDS and injected drug users.  We provide opportunities for all people with abilities.  Contributing to the welfare and gender diversity is not limited to religious practices such as meditation leave is equal to both men and women, the entitlement to child care for male employees.

Raks Thai Foundation recognizes that a key factor in achieving the mission of the Foundation depends on the quality of potential personnel.  Whereby the Foundation focused on personnel by defining the efficient recruitment and selection policy to meet the expectations of each project including strengthening confidence in the quality of working life both  welfare and benefits and compensation to employees which are fair and equal to other organizations.  And strengthening culture and work environment as well as teamwork to ensure the employees who work with the foundation are confident and foster the sustainable development.

Raks Thai Core Value “CLEAR”


Raks Thai’s Benefit and welfare

Hours of Work

The employees are to work 5 days a week, from Monday through Friday, with 2 weekend days

Normal hours of work for full time employees are as follows:

07.00 a.m.  – 16.00 p.m.

08.00 a.m.  – 17.00 p.m.

09.00 a.m.  – 18.00 p.m.

Total work hours of each employee must be 8 hours a day excluding lunch break


1.      Social Security Fund

2.      Health, Life, Local Personal Accident

3.      Personal Accident and War Risk Insurance

4.      Provident Fund (worked with the organization for 1 year)

5.      Thirteen-Month Salary

6.      Visiting sick employee and childbirth/ Parental Leave for New Born

7.      Retirement recognition

8.      Loans (Emergency Loan, Education Loan, Computer Loan, Housing Loan with GH bank)

9.      Catastrophic Fund for Serious Illness and Health Problem (not exceeding 300,000 baht)

10.  Funeral Benefit (Baht 10,000 for death of employees and employee’s spouse, children or father or mother)

11.  Travel and Out-Station Travel Expenses

Benefits holiday - leave days

1.      Permanent full time employee who passes the probation period is entitled for an annual leave according to his/her years of service. Start from 12 work days/year for after probation to 5 years of service, 15 work days/year, 17 work days/year and 20 work days/year on a prorated basis according the years of service. (Employee can carry over up to 15 unused annual leave days to the next calendar year.)

2.      Official Holiday not over 15 days

3.      Employee is entitled to 7 work days of paid emergency leave taken on account of death of immediate family members.

4.      Maternity Leave: All female pregnant employees are entitled for a pre- and post-delivery maternity leave for a period of not more than 90 consecutive days, including weekends and holidays for any given pregnancy. During such maternity leave, employee shall be paid up to a maximum of 60 days.

5.      Parental Leave for New Born: Regular employee both male and female is entitled to 10 work days of parental leave for child caring within 2 years after the date of delivery.

6.      Religious Leave 10 day leave with paid

7.      Leave without Pay (in case special needs such private matters, leave to study.)

8.      Compensation Days for Overtime or Weekend Work